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In December of 1970, right before the Doors started recording their final album “LA Woman”, the band was approached by ABC television about filming a segment for the Australian show “GTK”, which stands for “Get To Know”. GTK was a 10 minute program run daily in Australia before a popular teen soap opera. The band agrees and allows the film crew into their cramped space at the Doors Workshop on Santa Monica Blvd where they have been rehearsing material for their next album, LA Woman. The band chooses to play one of their long time favorites, “Crawling King Snake”. This is the last known video recording of Jim Morrison, as he would leave for Paris a few months later.

Recording Date December 1970
Television Station ABC, Australia
Songs Crawling King Snake
Available on R-Evolution
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Ray | Commentary

“Working on LA Woman at The Doors Workshop. We were getting along the way we used to, creating the way we used to, and laughing and joking the way we used to. A few beers, pinball, Duke’s food, and rock and roll. We were all happy, and it was beginning to feel like ‘LA Woman’ was going to be one of our best albums ever.”

Robby Krieger on Shebang
Robby | Commentary

“We always loved doing “Crawling King Snake”. It was one of our favorite John Lee Hooker songs. We’d meant to record it years before, but never got around to it until LA Woman. With LA Woman being a more bluesy album, it was a perfect fit.”

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John | Commentary

“We recorded this version of ‘Crawling King Snake’ in the Doors’ Workshop, which was our rehearsal room, and where we wrote everything. Bruce had the idea to bring in remote equipment and record us there where we were incredibly at home and relaxed. It’s tight, but it was our space.”

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