Lost Television Appearances

We Need Your Help!

Although many of The Doors and Ray’s television performances have been found and documented on this site, there are still some shows that have yet to be found and are considered lost. They could be in a film vault, in a private collection or sitting gathering dust in a basement or attic. If you have access to any of these shows, or know someone who does, please contact us through any of ray’s social media sites. The longer these shows stay “missing” the more likely they will never be found. So if you have information, please let us know! To the right is a partial list of shows that may still exist. Hope to hear from you soon!

Lost Shows
Bruce Morrow’s Music Power 1967
Clay Cole’s Diskotek 1967
Boss City 1967
Disc-O-Teen 1967
Top Of The Pops 1968
Midnight Special 1972
Dick Cavett Show 1972
Other ‘Lost’ Items

There are other items we are looking for before they disappear forever. Things like amateur audio recordings of concerts, super-8/16mm film of concerts, or even photos you took. Maybe a UCLA student film no one knows about? All probably just sitting in drawers gathering dust or decaying in a box in the basement or attic. If this is you, please contact us through any of Ray’s social media accounts. We’d love to hear from you!

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