“Induction” was Ray’s second UCLA student film from the spring semester of 1965. A sync-sound project, it is a tale of lovers lost and lovers found, with Dorothy Fujikawa, Kathy Zeller and Ray. Jim Morrison can actually be seen – albeit briefly – in the party sequence. Future Doors photographer Paul Ferrara also has a minor role as “the other man”.

The plot of the film revolves around Ray’s somewhat doomed relationship with Kathy, an actress who seems more concerned with herself than anyone else. We also see Ray meet another girl played by his girlfriend at the time – future wife, Dorothy Fujikawa. In the end, Ray breaks it off with Kathy, has a great date with Dorothy, but still ends up at the US Air Force enlistment center to enroll.

According to Ray, this student film was actually based on true-life events that occurred a few years before this film was made. After graduating from De Paul University in 1961, Ray enrolled in Law School at UCLA. After less than a semester, he realized he was not at all interested in practicing law, plus went through a bad breakup with the girl he was seeing at the time. At that point he left UCLA and enrolled in the Army. After his stint in the Army he returned to UCLA and enrolled in film school, where he met Dorothy Fujikawa.

Some notable scenes in the film:

  • Ray and Kathy strolling through Olivera Street. Olivera Street in Los Angles was always a favorite destination for Ray. It is essentially the birthplace of the city of Los Angeles and and the location of “Avila Adobe”, the oldest existing residence in Los Angeles (built in 1818). This paved brick alley is lined with independently owned shops that sell authentic Mexican merchandise and food. In “Induction,” Ray and Kathy stroll down the street and check out multiple shops.
  • Ray and Dorothy eating at the Lucky U. The Lucky U was an authentic Mexican restaurant located in Venice Beach near the UCLA campus. It was always a favorite destination for Ray and Jim Morrison during their time at UCLA and subsequent time living in Venice. During Ray’s time with the Doors, there were two official photos shoots that took place in and around Venice. The first, in 1967, was with photographer Bobby Klein and the second, in 1969, with Henry Diltz. Both of those sessions ended with meals at the Lucky U, with Klein and Diltz both snapping shots of the band as they ate. Regrettably, the Lucky U was bulldozed as part of one of the many highway construction projects since then and the location is no longer identified or accessible.
  • Jim Morrison appearance. During the “Party Scene” in Ray’s film, you get a glimpse of a young Jim Morrison. This is well before The Doors. At this time, Ray and Jim are classmates and good friends in film class. In the film, Ray is walking around a crowded party looking for Kathy. Before going upstairs, Ray bumps into Jim and they share a quick smile and a few words at which point Ray moves on. Since Jim’s student films do not exist, this is the only known footage of Jim during his days at UCLA.
  • Jim Manczarek appearance. During that same party scene, there are multiple shots of a band playing. The musician playing the piano was Ray’s brother and fellow “Rick and the Ravens” band member, Jim Manczarek.
  • Paul Ferarra cameo as “the other man”. In Induction, right after the party sequence, Ray goes upstairs and finds his girlfriend Kathy fooling around with another man. That man is played by future Doors photographer and film maker, Paul Ferarra.
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If you were involved in the making of this film or have any additional information or corrections, please contact us through Ray’s social media. Thank you!
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