Golden Days, Diamond Nights

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Release Info

1978: Original release on 20th Century Records. Released in West Germany only.


Currently out of print and not available.

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Track Listing

1.Riding on The Wings of Love
2.The Dreamer
3.Holy Music
4.Ain’t Got The Time
5.Die High
6.Blinded By Love

Archivist Notes

This album is a great second effort from Nite City and it’s a shame that due to issues with the label, “20th Century Records”, the album only saw distribution in West Germany. Having parted ways with lead singer Noah James, Ray and Paul Warren share vocal duties. There are some pretty strong tracks on this album, most with Ray’s signature organ playing coming out front and center. Some highlights for me are Manzarek tune “America” and the guitar-driven “Barcelona” written by bass player Nigel Harrison. Click here to listen to a live version of Barcelona, complete with the required epic Jimmy Hunter drum solo.

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