Darryl Read: Beat Existentialist

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Release Info

1993: Original release on CD by Rock Chix Productions.
Recorded at Paramount Studios, Los Angeles, California

Ray featured on the following tracks: “Vipers or Harlem”, “Shake Off The Devil” and “Blue Fandango Man”.


Available through iTunes

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Track Listing

1.Love With A Perfect Stranger
2.Who’ll Be The Next In Line
3.Vipers of Harlem (featuring Ray Manzarek)
4.Ride Your Pony
5.Shake Off The Devil (featuring Ray Manzarek)
6.If You Should Loose Me
7.Blue Fandango Man (featuring Ray Manzarek)
8.Band New Cadillac
9.Gin House

Archivist Notes

“Beat Existentialist” was the first of three collaborative releases between Ray and Darryl, the other two being “Freshly Dug” and “Bleeding Paradise”.

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