Snake Moon

The year is 1863. Deep in the backwoods of Coker County, Tennessee, farmer Boone Dillard and his family live in ritualistic harmony with the earth and its seasons, content to eke out a living from the land, unaware even of the Civil War that engulfs the nation around them… that is, until Boone is seduced by a mysterious traveling peddler’s dulcet promises of fame, fortune, and glory.

As Boone and his hulking yet childlike brother-in-law Jebber set forth in search of their destiny, they set into motion a haunting and disturbing chain of events that threatens to tear the family apart, awaken restless ghosts, and alter the course of their lives forever.

From rock and roll legend Ray Manzarek comes Snake Moon, a bewitching and ghostly Civil War-era parable of Eden. Snake Moon stunningly blends ancient myth and fable with the charm and voice of rustic Americana and exposes themes of violence, heroism, and the loss of innocence amid the horrors of war with captivating intensity that builds to a stunning and unforgettable climax.


The novel was released in April of 2006 in hardcover. There was a limited edition made available that featured an extra sketch by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola (who did the original cover art), and an extra short story by Ray. It was be signed by both Ray Manzarek and Mike Mignola and limited to 250 copies.

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Release Info

Originally released in 2006
Available in hardcover only. Currently out of print.

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