Timeline: 1990s

Starting as early as the mid seventies, people had been trying to get a Doors movie made. In 1978 there was serious push to do this with John Travolta considered for the role of Jim Morrison. For one reason or another, none of these efforts got off the ground, that is until Oliver Stone got involved. Oliver’s version of Jim and The Doors was released on May 1, 1991, with Jim portrayed as a violent, abusive drunk. Ray was not happy with the movie to say the least. He admitted that the concert scenes in the film were done to perfection, but that didn’t make up for the way Jim was painted. This again exposed The Doors to an entirely new generation of Doors fans and led to another surge in popularity for the band.

In response to the Oliver Stone movie, Ray wanted to show people the other side of Jim and The Doors. The end result was the Doors video, “The Soft Parade” which emphasized the elements not present in Oliver Stone’s film.

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Ray’s autobiography, titled “Light My Fire: My Life with The Doors”, was the second biography coming from a member of The Doors, the first being John Densmore’s “Riders On The Storm”. Ray’s book takes us from Ray’s birth and childhood in Chicago, to UCLA and his time with The Doors. None of his post-Doors life and career was discussed.

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On October 28, 1997, The Doors release their long awaited “Doors Box Set”. This set had been announced almost ten years prior to its release and was plagued by a series of delays. The set contained four discs in a long box with a oversized booklet of liner notes. Three of the discs contained previously unreleased music from the Doors archives including demos, alternate versions and live material. A fourth disc called “Band Favorites” was a “Best of” containing previously released studio versions.

This would be the first box set released by the Doors. Future sets would include “The Complete Studio Recordings” aka “The Cube”, “No One Here Gets Out Alive” (BMR), “Boot Yer Butt” (BMR), “Love, Death, Travel”, “Perception”, “Vinyl Box Set”, “Live In New York” (BMA), “The Doors Infinite”, and “The Doors Singles Box”.

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