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David Dutkowski Doors, Los Angeles

Here’s a link to something I think will interest a lot of you. It’s something that I plan on adding to Ray’s site as well as the new Robby Krieger site I’m working on. It’s a “Doors Fan Guide to Los Angeles” that I put together many years ago for the site which was dedicated to Ray and Robby’s touring. It includes almost all the Doors sites that you might want to visit while you’re in Los Angeles including the area around La Cienega Blvd/Santa Monica Blvd, the Sunset Strip, Laurel Canyon, Venice Beach and the Hollywood Bowl, each with commentary and photos. With all the changes occurring on and around the Strip these days, who knows how long all of this will be around, so see it while you can!

I plan on getting some updated shots of many locations, so expect new photos and commentary once I put it on this site. And three items missing from the guide are the Morrison Hotel, Hard Rock Cafe and the house Pam died in. Those were left out of this version purposely, but will be added to the new site. If there are other “Doors” locations that are missing from the guide, let me know either with a comment or sending me something via the Contact Us page. Enjoy!

Here is the link:

David Dutkowski
Ray Manzarek Archives

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